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When looking at this particular collection of Pinio furniture, under the meaningful name Nostalgia, it is easy to guess what the designers longed for –nature, smell of a forest and warm touch of . Their yearning resulted in a unique collection where nature meets human imagination.

Nostalgia is a unique set of furniture among all Pinio collections. Its rustic character beams with warmth and pine forest energy. A distressed finish makes the furniture look exceptionally cozy and worm. It also gives the impression of a constant contact with nature and its best treasures.

A wide selection of elements in the collection together with flexible combining options allow to arrange the furniture for a baby, a kindergarten, an older child and even a teenager. Due to a solid construction, classic forms, simplicity and naturalness, Nostalgia collection is never out-of-date and therefore can be of service in every stage of a child’s development. The cot grows together with the child to be transformed into a bed for a preschooler. When the 1-door wardrobe is no longer sufficient we can enlarge it or attach a chest to it. A toy box may in the future hold other accessories and things than toys only.


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